Have you ever thought of hacking an Android or iPhone, you are at the right place. Our mobile spyware works on any smartphone remotely and magically!

Have you wondered how the hell detectives or law enforcement agencies tap into criminals cell phone easily?

Didn’t you?…

In movies, you must have observed that there is one important requirement they must achieve for successful Cell phone tapping. They have to first call the criminal’s cell phone via specially designed VOIP service and keep him busy for 30 seconds to be able to pair with his mobile phone.

Of course they have legal access to operator database or phone tapping device for carrying out such call tapping activity.

Of course, it is not possible for us normal people to Tap any strangers cell phone. But what if you want to bug a cell phone of your spouse, friend or any family member? you just can’t go to legal bodies like police or detective agencies asking for help. You just have to find the right hacker with the right remote mobile spyware tool.

How Remote Mobile Spyware works?

Before Tracktech certified hackers for hire group can help you with the remote mobile spyware, we require 3 things from you:

  1. Phone Operating System: you need to specify if the target’s phone is android or iOS or Windows.
  2. Phone Number: you need to tell us the target’s phone number, and the appropriate international dialing code. For example, of this format, +1 200 543 432
  3. Network Carrier: you need to specify the carrier name, such as AT&T or o2 or Vodafone.

Please note, these 3 information about the target must be very accurate in order for the mobile spyware to function.

Configuration Step

Our certified for hacker guys collect your information, and set up a dashboard for you. At this point, you will be supplied a unique username and password. You will also be given a pin that works with the target number to view the devices.

Synchronization Process

After the configuration has been done, your details will be sent to Mobile Gateway Incorporation. Mobile Gateway matches the target details with the network carrier supplied, and issues you with an API code to activate the dashboard.

Activation Process

After the synchronization has been done, our certified hacker for hire personnel activates your dashboard with the supplied API code from Mobile Gateway Incorporation.

Viola! Like Magic, you get to see all the contents on the target’s phone.

Is it legal to Tap someones cell phone?

Yes, it is legal provided you are not misusing it. To be able to use it you should be the owner of the Cell phone. Monitoring employees with a company-issued phone or your child will usually put you on the right side of the law. 

Who can use mobile spyware?

– Parents who want to make sure that their children are safe and in a company of trusted people.
– Spouses who think that something around their partner is not going right and that they are cheating on them.
– Employers who think they are being cheated or robbed by their employees.

Mobile spyware Drawbacks (common for all the mobile spy software’s)

Internet connection needs to be active work (data enabled)
Phone must be turned on, software fails to work. (Obvious Reasons)



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