Possible to hire a hacker with no upfront payment?

This question has been so rampant on the internet from our recent survey. Many people are tired of been cheated from so called internet gigs claiming to be hackers using the umbrella of the phrase “upfront payment” to rip people off. The question is – will professional hackers like us, stop asking for upfront payment, if scammers use this same avenue to take money from people? Or are we just going to be working for every Dick and Harry for free because to distinguish ourselves from these internet gigs?

The fact about we genuine hackers is that even if we met us physically to carry out a task, for example – make fake ID and get you an escape route of the country, we will surely ask for a deposit, this deposit can also be called an upfront payment.

Why do hackers ask for upfront payment?

Hackers ask for upfront payment because of the increasing number of input of tasks. Not all employers are serious about making payments. Same way we have internet gigs claiming to be hackers, we also have people wanting to hire hackers just for the fun of it, some not even having money to pay for our services. For example, some employers will write you stating that since you can hack to their account if they don’t pay.
Secondly, it is compulsory to ask for upfront payment if the nature of the project is a database hack. Infiltration into the loophole of a server can be quite cumbersome, it takes time and skills to achieve this – this is why it is highly recommended to pay some percentage upfront.

How much is required to be paid upfront?

This percentage depends entirely on the hacker. It ranges between 30%-50% of the total price charge.

Advantages of taking upfront payment 

This upfront payment distinguishes between the urgent and desperate people that need our help from the ones that are just having fun or not ready to pay.

How to distinguish a genuine hacker from a fake hacker?

Genuine hacker will not use emails like a gmail address. Another way to know your hacker is genuine is to be quite inquisitive, ask the hacker for screenshots of every single step he tells you. If he tells you he is inside the database, ask for a picture proof. If he says he has hacked the facebook account, ask for either a screenshot or a send a message to your facebook inbox. The more questions you ask, the more uncomfortable the hackers get. It might get to a point by which he might not be able to reply you anymore.

Report any Fake Hacker in our Comments section

It is high time we waged war against these scammers shaming our names over the internet, if you have encountered such or lost your money under similar circumstances, please fill free to put this hackers email address or phone number in the comment section. Thank you.




  1. Do you know about the code?

  2. Hello, I would like to read the chats of a Telegram account that were there a few months ago. After that i want that all the chats permanently erased and more importantly that the victim’s Telegram account be deleted. Is it possible? At least partialy?

  3. I must confess they have an excellent service .
    Thank you for being honest .

  4. Are they real?

    1. I was also seeing all these reviews about this same guys , I have just come out from using their services and If you want me to be honest with you , I will advice you to go ahead and try them with confidence . There is nothing hidden under the sun as they say. They will help you find out anything you need to know . I am though happy using their services but I must also confess that they are expensive . They are good anyways .

  5. All I can say is Woooow . Instagram hack all in 5 hours . I am saving their email contact safely because this is my first time ever hiring a hacker and it worked flawlessly .

  6. Yes, very possible. Please send us a message using the contact form on our home page.

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