Fake hackers are increasing in numbers daily. Be careful of getting scammed by these normal people claiming to be hackers.

We get so many jobs on daily basis, but one thing we will never do is to rip people off their hard earned money – a term known as scam or work for people for unethical reasons. For example, some anonymous people would contact me, “Jeff Moss” from Hacker’s List that they want to steal money from a bank or take a website down for no reason, some will even bargain to share the stolen money on percentages after I hack the bank website for them, another example was when someone told me to destroy a university website because he was unable to graduate. Please we do not do such hacks. Imagine if we run hacks for selfish purposes, will their still a safe internet for people to browse through and enjoy?

This post is to majorly talk about a fake hackers(scammers) who blackmails and extorts people through the twitter handle – Hacker’s list – https://twitter.com/hackerslist, He uses a Kenyan phone number on telegram – +254 739 345950. Be very careful of this person, he uses a different logo slighly different from ours:

fake hacker
fake hacker

If you have ever encountered a fake hacker posed just to scam people, please feel free to write comments in the comment section below. More so, you can still contact us privately through this link for professional advice or hacking services – our contact.



  1. This is very true. I encountered this twitter person, He asked me to pay western union that I do not need to bother the admin@hackers-list. He is a scammer. I wish he rot in hell!!!

    1. Wow, this comment was quite early, please feel free to share with others. We will get him very soon.

  2. Do people still hire hacker’s from twitter. Anyone could claim to be hacker on twitter. He is clearly not a hacker. He could not even choose a matching logo with that of the original hacker’s list.

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